(Gray/White with blue eyes x Agouti and White with blue eyes)

 Birth Date:

April 10, 2012


Ready Personal Pick up: May 29th, 2012

Ready for Shipping Date: June 4, 2012

$200 Non- Refundable Deposit to hold your puppy!

Price: $800 (pickup) - Limited Registration

               - $400 (shipping expenses, airfare)

Full Registration available to approved homes.

Update (6/5/12) - 1 Black male available


Male # R1 - Agouti

SOLD - B. Hasselback

At 3 weeks old this boy is the macho man.  He is laid back.  Easy going.  Watches over the others.  And is very much the leader of the pack.


Male # R2 - Red and White

On Hold!

At 3 weeks old this boy is pretty friendly.  And very funny.  He flips and flops.  Rolls around. 

Can't help but saying what are you doing you goof!  He don't care.  Life is good.



Male # R3 - Black and White


This boy just became available

At 8 weeks old this boy is the sweetie pie.  He is a kisser.  A cuddler.  He was born the smallest puppy in the litter and you can not tell any more.  He is a sweet sweet boy.  He is super playful with everyone.  Anyone who meets him can't help but fall in love with him.  He is truly one of a kind.  The family that had bought him had gotten permission to get a puppy from the house owner and the owners changed their mind.  They are having to hold off on getting a puppy until find a new home.  His dark mask as those blue eyes just go right to your heart.



Female # R4 - Agouti

On Hold

At 3 weeks old calling this girl the little sis is not at all how you explain this girl.  She is macho.  She is a tank. 

The only thing girly about her is those sassy eyes.  This girl has attitude.  Gorgeous.  I am asking $1000 pet price for this girl.  She is absolute perfection.  I have never seen such a standing pose, build, and head set at this age.  I am in love with this girl, and honestly, I am going to have a very hard time not keeping her!






**** This is going to be another awesome litter.  Rayne's coat is extremely soft and just beautiful.  She  has a very friendly Bubbly Outgoing personality.  She listens very well.  Her ambition in life is to catch all the butterflies and insects in the yard.  She just hopes from point A to point B.  But I call her once, and she comes running.

Shadow's  coat, build and personality make him just outstanding.  The minute I saw Shadow, I fell in love with him!  Shadow has grace, smoothness when he moves.  His presence is always known.  He is king of the jungle and there is no doubt of it.  Not from me, not from any of the other huskies running around here.  There are not words that can explain the beauty, structure and personality of this boy. 

I expect different shades of gray and blacks, agouti's.  This is a repeat breeding. 

Look below for the past puppies from Rayne and Shadow.

This litter will have outstanding personalities. They will have great bone structure and build and coat.

Full Registration can be available to approved homes only.


Past Puppies with Shadow - All Puppies Sold





Past Puppies with Legend - All Puppies Sold




$200 (non-refundable) deposit is needed to hold your puppy.


Deposits are non-refundable.  If I am unable to provide you with the puppy you have already picked out,, you can choose to have your deposit returned to you or get bumped to the next litter.


Price: $800 (pickup) - Limited Registration

               - $400 (shipping expenses, airfare)


Previous Litter - Legend - All SOLD




Puppy Care Package:  The puppies come with this puppy care package.  This consists of 2 non skid bowls, one toy, one chew bone, collar, and Doctors Foster & Smith magazine.  NuVet Vitamins with information.  All these products vary depending what is in stock.

The Puppy Price:  I am asking $800 for the puppies.  Included in this price is:   AKC limited registration papers,  a genetic health guarantee, current vaccinations,  and a complete shot record.  Each puppy is handled daily from the time they were born.  They are raised by our family with children and shown the love and attention a puppy needs.  The puppies had their dew claws removed at 3 days old by a vet, at which time they have their first of two check-ups.

Microchip is available for  an additional $35

I am now taking deposits ($100) if you want to put your name on the waiting list.  Shipping is available at your cost. 


The Puppy Ranch Shipping Notice:  I am asking $130 extra for puppies that need to be shipped.  This price includes:  $40 for the puppy crate, $30 for  the health certificate, and $60 for my 290 mile round trip to the airport.  That does NOT include airfare.  Normal airfare is usually $270.  VIP airfare is usually $320, I do avoid this as much as possible.   The total amount for shipping that you will be paying me is $400.  This covers ALL standard shipping costs.  Again, if your puppy needs to be shipped VIP you will be charged extra.

Shipping during certain times of the year is very tricky.  If the temperature is 20 degrees or less and 85 degrees or higher any where on the itinerary then we are unable to ship.    So Please keep this in mind when making the decision to adopt a puppy.  The prices I give you are just a very close estimate.  We can not know the price until the airport cargo area weighs the puppy and crate.  Shipping is very safe and I trust it completely or I would not be shipping puppies this way.


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For more information on my policy, prices and any other questions you may have email mkwessel@hotmail.com


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