~ Heartland's Drops from Heaven ~

~ Rayne ~

Sex: Female

Born: 12/7/13

Color: Agouti Dirty Face

Eyes: Blue eyes


Height at shoulders:

Relation:  - Breeze X Echo





formerly - Female Bz 6 -  Agouti

I am shocked at how much this girl has grown up in the past 2 weeks.  In personality.  She is turning into a lady!  Am very happy with her.  She is starting to approach the awkward looking stage and is going to start blowing her puppy coat as you can start to see back by her tail.  She is very very loving and excepting of pretty much anything.  She also gets along well with the other animals around here.  She is a happy happy girl just like her momma and daddy.


5 months old


This girl is happy and so low key.  She is not fazed by much of anything, but also does not get overly excited about anything either.  She just goes with the flow.